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Can CBD Treat Coronavirus?

Lexie Livingston
January 23, 2022

The global pandemic is raging with new variants. With no end in sight, residents of Canada are researching CBD lockdown tips and tools at their disposal to see what can help protect them. Many people in Vancouver and Toronto are already using CBD for anxiety. With all the well-known benefits of CBD, people often ask if it can assist in preventing and treating COVID-19. In this article, we’ll get into what some of the preliminary research has to say as well as our top picks for CBD coronavirus products.


Can Using CBD for Anxiety Also Help with COVID-19? What does the Research say?


CBD coronavirus products have shown to significantly inhibit viral replication:

Recent research has found that CBGA (cannabigerolic acid) and (CBDA) cannabidiolic acid, two chemical compounds found in hemp, were able to bind to the coronavirus spike proteins. The spike proteins are what allows the virus to enter human cells. That suggested that some cannabis compounds may be able to prevent the virus from infecting healthy cells. In another study, kidney cells were exposed to coronavirus genes and CBD. Researchers found that the CBD enhanced the cell’s natural immunity, allowing them to detect coronavirus genes and kill them before the virus replicated. This stopped the virus from propagating.

Researchers gave human lung cells a non-toxic amount of CBD for two hours before exposing them to the coronavirus and checking for the virus and viral spike protein. CBD hindered the virus's capacity to multiply above a particular dose, according to the researchers. CBD had the same effect in two different types of cells and three versions of the COVID virus, in addition to the original strain, according to further research.

CBD had no effect on the virus’s capacity to penetrate the cell. However, CBD was efficient at preventing the spread of the virus early and six hours after the cell became infected. As with other viruses, the coronavirus affects a cell by hijacking the gene expression machinery to make additional copies of itself. Tracking virus-induced changes in cellular RNAs can reveal this effect. The expression of viral RNAs was nearly completely eliminated when high amounts of CBD was used.

Another recent study demonstrated a substantial negative correlation with positive coronavirus tests in those taking the FDA-approved medication for epilepsy that contains CBD.

If you're interested in reviewing the actual studies outlining how CBD inhibits COVID-19 viral replication, click here.


CBD has shown to treat COVID-19 inflammation and cytokine storm:

CBD has been shown in studies to help patients with coronavirus who are experiencing respiratory distress avoid invasive treatments such as mechanical ventilation and mortality from acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). Pure CBD, according to the researchers' findings, can assist the lungs in recovering from the coronavirus’s overwhelming inflammation, or 'cytokine storm,' and aid in restoring healthier oxygen levels in the body.

According to the researchers, CBD therapy corrected both clinical symptoms and physical lung abnormalities associated with ARDS. CBD relieved clinical symptoms in mouse models fast, and subsequent comprehensive analyses of the lungs revealed that damage to their structure, such as tissue overgrowth, scarring, and swelling, had also been healed completely or partially. For more information on ARDS and COVID-19, click here.

The COVID-blocking effects of CBD were limited to high purity, high doses of CBD, according to the researchers. Closely similar cannabinoids like CBDA, CBDV, and THC, the psychoactive component found in marijuana plants, lacked the same potency. In fact, mixing CBD with the same quantity of THC lowered CBD's potency.


What CBD Coronavirus Products are Recommended?

According to research, CBD isolate products outperformed other types such as those containing THC and other cannabinoids. The following list includes high quality full-spectrum and isolate products as research is still preliminary. It is always recommended to consult with your healthcare provider before incorporating CBD into your daily routine. In addition, this article should not be considered medical advice and is not intended to replace guidance from a healthcare professional.


1 Isolate CBD Tincture-Daytime | Birch + Fog

Our top pick is Birch + Fog’s signature Isolate CBD tincture. This tincture contains the highest quality hemp-derived, CO2 extracted CBD, without the presence of any THC. It is as pure as can be with only two ingredients, MCT oil and CBD oil. The MCT oil even provides an extra anti-inflammatory boost!

Designed for daytime use, this tincture boosts the immune system, fights inflammation, regenerates the nervous system, reduces anxiety, aids in depression, reduces migraines/seizures, and relieves pain. While some people in Canada use this CBD for anxiety, it has various uses. Taken sublingually (under the tongue), effects can be felt fast.

It may be purchased in a 500mg bottle, a 1,000mg bottle, and a 1,500mg bottle. It is also available on subscription with some pretty amazing discounts.


  • Pure product with 2 ingredients
  • Hemp-derived and CO2 extracted
  • Various bottle sizes available


  • Necessary to calculate dosage based upon drops


  • Pure product with 2 ingredients
  • Multiple uses


2 CBD Isolate Tincture | Natuur

Our second pick is a CBD isolate tincture from Naturr, a certified organic line that sells premium CBD tinctures. Being hemp-derived, this CBD is CO2 extracted in Canada. It contains no terpenes and no THC, with only two solid ingredients, MCT oil and Isolate CBD oil. All of the ingredients are lab-tested, organic, vegan, gluten-free, and cruelty free! While it is common for people in Vancouver and Toronto, Canada, to use this CBD for anxiety, it can also be used for depression, inflammation, muscle aches and pains, arthritis, seizures, and focus.

This tincture is available in 500mg bottles, 1,000mg bottles, and 1,500mg bottles. However, it is not available on subscription.


  • Hemp-derived and CO2 extracted in Canada
  • No terpenes or THC
  • 2 ingredients: MCT oil and isolate CBD oil


  • No available on subscription


  • Certified organic, vegan, and gluten-free
  • Lab-tested and cruelty free


3 Energize CBD Capsules | Birch + Fog

Birch + Fog’s signature line of capsules is upgraded from the original bestseller and made better than ever. Not only does it have higher quality ingredients with a higher dosage, but it also features a new design, all at the same great price. Designed for daily use, these capsules are an easy and effective way to get your CBD dose without any hassle. Being made with full-spectrum oil, these capsules contain a very small amount of THC, which may cause minimal psychoactive effects in those not used to THC. Each capsule contains 25mg of full-spectrum CBD.


  • Higher quality ingredients and higher dosage
  • Easy and consistent dosing without any hassle


  • May cause minimal psychoactive effects


  • 25mg of CBD per capsule
  • Upgraded best-selling product


4 10: 1 Ratio Tincture | Now + Then

Part of Now + Then’s ratio line of tinctures, this tincture is a 10:1 ratio, meaning it contains 10 times the CBD as THC. With 1,000mg of CBD and 250mg of THC per bottle, you’ll experience the entourage effect while still receiving the benefits of a large CBD dose. This tincture contains only three simple ingredients, MCT oil, CBD oil, and cannabis oil. You’ll receive anti-inflammatory benefits of MCT while working together with the synergy of CBD and THC. It is ideal for those seeking CBD for anxiety, depression, sleep, pain, and an overall mood uplift.


  • Anti-inflammatory benefits of MCT oil
  • 10 times the CBD to THC content


  • Does not qualify for free shipping on its own


  • Entourage effect with high CBD
  • 3 ingredients: MCT oil, CBD oil, and cannabis oil


Final Thoughts

With coronavirus cases on the rise and Canada headed into harsher restrictions and lockdowns, it can be a scary world to live in. Fortunately, researchers are currently testing CBD as a natural remedy for not only prevention but also treatment of the novel virus. Many people in Canada are already using CBD for anxiety, pain, and sleep. Wouldn’t it be great to already have the remedy in your house already? Research is looking very promising at this point. Why not invest in a multi-use CBD coronavirus product? You can browse our entire CBD collection by clicking here!

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